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Flowcine Gravity ONEFlowcine Gravity ONE

We’ve been looking at a way of to overcome the shortcomings of the prefered way of shooting for many photographers, namely the ones that are using the Easyrig or the Walter Klassen suspender daily. The pendulum effect has always been a thorn in the side for photographers using these very popular body mounts. Now after a long period of design and r&d we are happy to tell you that the Flowcine Gravity One aka G-1 has undergone its final changes, and we now have locked down the functionality of it in our latest prototype. It has now undergone some serious testing and the results are very promising.

Now, we know that the rigs based on helicopter gimbals with sensors and brushless motors are currently very popular. But for the G-1, we have taken a completely different route. We have have focused only on ergonomics first and foremost, with a open frame design that let the operator be as close to the camera as they are used too and still have superior versatility. Therefore it has been very important to make a solid rig, that can take almost any kind of camera weight and size and not limited it in terms of lens choices, balance or accessories.

Flowcine Gravity ONE

Targeted at professional photographers

While developing the G-1, we had professional photographers in mind. It’s a fully mechanic device, that will not let you down in any weather or terrain.

Also the G-1 works well with gyros like the KS4x4 Kenyon for vehicle mount style shots, boat, aerial heli etc. mounted in a bungee cord.

The G-1 is mounted on the camera using a top plate, so Alexa users will have to have the Alexa handle unscrewed and an additional small mounting plate which we will provide for the Alexa. Also the camera can go from body rig to tripod with ou

t having to remove the G-1 from the camera. Simply attach any kind of bridge plate directly underneath the camera since the G-1 is only mounted on top it wont be in the way and allow you to move easily on and off the tripod. You will also be able to use the Alexa shoulder pad with the G-1 without a problem. Sonys cameras up to F65 are of course also covered.

Extend your G-1

Shortly after the initial launch of the G-1 we will offer the Gravity One Extended – G-1E: This is the most advanced version with sensor type Roll and Tilt gyro stabilized axis, and manual pan control. It includes a very small rocker joystick for tilt and/or roll control and be gyro stabilised at the same time while pan is controlled manually. We have further plans for the extended version, but we are taking it step-by-step and only add functionality that are something a professional photographer actually use every day. Please note that we are working with technology that allows us move up to around 15 kg camera total weight on the extended version! That means you can use any choice of lens/mattebox/camera and other accessories without giving you any worries. This version is designed to be mounted on almost any kind of body mount.

And since its upgradable to the G-1E you can choose whenever you like to upgrade if you want to change your style of shooting, and go from all mechanical to a motorized version.


The Gravity One is like a Swiss army knife. It can be used in numerous ways depending on your shooting style. Its design ensures you that it will fit any camera within the frame and still fit it on top of your shoulder.

Easy to use

Just mount it on top of your camera and go. Balancing the camera only takes a minute. The learning curve is much shorter than for most other gimbal rigs.


The roll axis covers a full 90 degrees, and the tilt up to 120 degrees, allowing you to point and aim in any direction you want. The handle is designed so it’s easy to grip, allowing you to mount a bunch of accessories on top of it, and still keep the Easyrig mount steady.


  • G-1 is an very small lightweight external 2 axis Gimbal (pan axis is the EasyRig Cord).
  • It surrounds the camera externally in a very clever way so the operator can use the camera from shoulder to low mode.
  • It includes x/y positioning stages that enables you to perfectly balance the camera in 3 axis.
  • Its free float full bearing pivot supported gimbal in all crucial axis points.
  • It weights approx. 2.075 g and can fully support cameras from around 4.5 kg up to 17 kg or around 38 pounds.
  • It eliminates completely the pendulum effect created from the cord in all Easyrig style body mounts.
  • It allows the operator now to tilt freely with out effort +/- 60 degrees (that is approx. since there is always a little difference in camera height).
  • It allows the operator to freely roll the camera 30 degrees CCW, and 60 degrees CW.
  • Depending on the trim balancing tuning of the camera (perfect or a little bottom heavy) the camera will remain at all given tilting angles or rolling angles effortlessly, and the drag pendulum effect will completely be eliminated.
  • For moves being done without hands on camera, it produces very stable smooth footage, something that cannot be done without the G-1.                                                     

Tech specs

  • Width: 355 mm
  • Height: 310 mm
  • Depth: 135 mm
  • Weight: 2.075 g
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Flowcine Gravity ONE

Flowcine Gravity ONE

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